Staff/Staff Websites
Principal Academically Talented
Adam Reynolds Ms. Barrington
Mr. Livingston
Vice Principal Ms. Nealon
James Crouch
Alpha House  Special Education - Resource and Aides
Grade 6 (*Click the link above for information regarding special education services.)
Ms. Sabol - ELA  Mr. Lippert - Ms. Tyner
Mr. Tegmier - Math Mr. Belade - Ms. Endri
Ms. Zombar - SS
Dr.  Fullam - Ms. Williams
Grade 7 Mrs. LaBadia
Mr. Perry - ELA

Ms. A. Fusarelli - Math
Mrs. Modugno - SS
Extended Resource
Grade 8 Mrs. Major - Ms. Morris
Mr. Miller - ELA
Mr. Baptista - Mr. McNaught
Mr. Hillman - Math
Mr. R. Kline - SC

Beta House
Grade 6
Special Ed Aides
Ms. Valente - ELA   
Ms. Poruban
Ms. Martenson - M
Mr. Rende
Mr. Weinberg - SC  

Grade 7
Mr. Rodgers - ELA

Ms. Gacesa - M
Mrs. Chauvin - SS Guidance and Support
Grade 8 Ms. Simone/Ms. Haynie (Alpha House)
Ms. Novotny A. - ELA Ms. DiCerbo (Beta House)
Mr. Ruther - Math Mrs. Evon (Delta House)
Mr. Mitchell - SC
Mr. DiRosa (Psychologist)

Mrs. Coto - (Administrative Clerk)
Delta House
Ms. Lecky - (Secretery)
Grade 6 Ms. Ball - (Social Worker)
Mrs. Wax - ELA
Mr. Richards - Math
Mr. Festa  - SC/SS
Library Aide
Grade 7 Mrs. Martino
Ms. Hibbard - ELA
Mr. Albano - Math
Ms. Fox - SC
In-School Suspension
Grade 8 Mr. Cervalin
Ms. Gehringer - ELA
Mr. Cirino - M
Read 180
Mr. Petropoulos - SS
Ms. Ganim

Mr. Mashaw

Ms. Chimento
Ms. Figueroa
Ms. Reeves Math 180
Ms. Henao and Ms. Martinez (Aides)
Ms. Charles

Ms. Pampillonio 

Speech and Language
Foreign Language
Ms. Korb
Mrs. Falcone
Ms. Murray
Mrs. Thompson
Ms. Griffin

Main Office Staff - Mrs. Goldman/Ms. Cappo
Music Admin. Clerk - Ms. Coto
Ms. Jean (band)
Ms. Golding (chorus)
Monitor - Ms. Rogers
Mr. Durrell (orchestra)

Custodial Staff - Thurman Hall, Tyrone Keeling, 
Vinnie Condito, Bruce McKinney, Corey Ashley, William Dick
Phys. Ed and Health Cafeteria Staff - Patricia Mota, Shante Razor,
Mr. Mario Alice Chariott, Everin Smith, Rhonda White,
Mr. Mastrianni Jessica Ashley
Mrs. Fusaro
Family and Consumer Science
Ms. Bhatti
Technology Education
Mr. T. Kline
Mrs. Fusarelli